QFO, Wonderspin flying their way into our hearts

26 июля 2008

Mini helicopters and other flying…err….things have been all over the place in the last year or so, but the coming production trend is focused on a more space-aged theme focused on rotating the entire device, not just a for lift. This is a combination of much older spinning/flying toys with new control and onboard electronics.

What’s interesting to us is how many indoor flying toys come out for a country with such small living quarters and low ceilings!

qfo takara tomy japan

The QFO from Takara Tomy doesn’t have much information about it on its homepage yet, but we were able to see some samples and a at the Tokyo Toy Show. From what we can tell (nothing confirmed), the QFO spins and flies, but can also be controlled via infrared and has a red light on the top.

wonderspin ccp japan flying toy

Our favorite so far can be shown in the video below from the crew at Gizmodo Japan. The Wonderspin from CCP Japan (a subsidiary of Bandai), spins around as a center-balanced and can be controlled remotely. In addition, it also employs motion sensors to keep it away from walls, but also to allow users to control it by moving their hands around it!

See this video

via Nikkei and CScout Japan

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