Как улучшить качество видео с youtube

4 октября 2008

A common problem when embedding videos in your website or myspace profile (or various social network) is that you always end up with the low-quality version to show. A little known trick around this can be achieved with a few simple URL modifications.

Let’s dive right in:

For the basis of this tutorial we will be using and dissecting the following URL:

Step 1. You will first need to copy the standard embed code provides on each video and then locate the actual url which will look like this:


Notice that we have split up the URL into a red and blue portion. The part in red needs to remain the same but the blue portion is where we will modify it.

Step 2. Now you will need to replace the:
«&hl=en&fs=1» with «&ap=%2526fmt%3D18» (ignore the quotes)

Which would make the final outcome appear like this:

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